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Largest Flash Games Portal to make money fast on autopilot. FULLY AUTOMATED self updating website.

Online games portal with over 2000 online games in the database, each games with it’s own info page.
• 100% Automated  – all online flash games and content is updated automatically as soon  as new games are released. Automated scripts do all the work, you don’t  have to update anything yourself.
• Interesting genres of games that are played by young and old fans:

• The site is also setup with Amazon, ClickBank and Google AdSense, other affiliate programs can be easily added from the admin panel.
• Many great features and options for making money with the site.
• Besides games users can read News section about game industry.
• SEO optimized
• Free post sale support and 1 year free hosting.

Great  website to own for fun and profit.  The site value will increase even  with minimal traffic, you can continue to make money from the website or  flip it later for a huge payout like many site flippers do. That’s  smart  investment and smart business.